This grass has sterile seeds, which means it won’t self-seed. Remember to cut down in early spring before the new growth starts and to divide in the spring and early fall. Used widely for specimen plantings, in borders, as hedges and as a backdrop for perennials.

Plant Type:   Grass
Mature Height:   3-5 ft.
Mature Spread:   1.5-2.5 ft.
Growth Rate:   Average
Sun Exposure:   Full Sun-Light Shade
Moisture:   Moist
Soil:   Fertile, Heavy Clay Soil
Zones:   4-9
Flower Color:   Pinkish Purple
Foliage Color:   Green
Fall Color:   Tan
Flowering Period:   May-February

Karl Foerster “Feather Reed Grass”
Calamagrostis x acutiflora 'Karl Foerster'